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2018 Open Championship is now complete.  Northgate Bowl in Salem.

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2017 Open Championship
TenDown Bowling & Entertainment in Roseburg

The 2017 Open Championship was held over eight weekends from April 8th through May 29th, 2017.  Thank you to TenDown Bowling & Entertainment in Roseburg for doing a great job hosting the tournament.
Special thanks as well to the Central Douglas County USBC members for all of their hard work as volunteers for the tournament.
Thank you to all of you for participating.  It was great having you all there.

Revised Standings

Open Prize List

7/19/17 - The final appeal is resolved and checks will be mailed to team captains by tomorrow (Thursday, 7/20).
2016 Open Championship at Roxy Ann Lanes in Medford

   2016 Open Final Standings.pdf

   2016 Open Prize List - Revised.pdf

Thank you to Roxy Ann Lanes and the Rogue Valley USBC for hosting the Open Championship. 

Thank you to all who participated as well.  See you next year at TenDown Bowling & Entertainment in Roseburg.

                                                2015 Results

The 2015 Open Championship was held at AMF Firebird Lanes in Salem over 9 weekends.  A total of 329 teams participated.  Over $65,000 was paid out in prize fund. 

 2015 Open - Official Final Standings.pdf

 2015 Open - Final Prize Listing.pdf  

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