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           2015-16  Oregon State USBC Youth Program

State Youth Committee Chair

Cliff Meredith

 (541) 979-0759

[email protected]


District Directors

District 1

DJ Barker

(503) 201-3003

[email protected]


District 2

Brad McLean

 (503) 253-8575

 [email protected]


  District 3

Cliff Meredith

 (541) 979-0759

[email protected]


District 4

Ken Wilkinson


[email protected]


District 5

Michelle Smith

(541) 610-8223

 [email protected]


OSUSBC Youth Committee

Cliff Meredith - Albany                                                         Bryan Roberts- North Bend 

Christy Herman- Hermiston                                                     Sue Kiser- Klamath Falls

Rebecca Cole - Gresham                                                   Wade Rhodes- Myrtle Creek

Brad McLean- Portland                                                                Michelle Smith - Bend

Timothy Berkey - Salem                                                     Ken Wilkinson - Grants Pass

Sue Unger - Oregon City


High School Program

  State Program Director

Championship and All Star Tournament Manager

 Cliff Meredith

(541) 979-0759

  [email protected]


District 1 Coordinator                                                               District 5 Coordinator

VACANT (Contact the OSUSBC Office if you are                                       Wade Rhodes 

interested in the position)                                                                    (541) 863-3438


District 2 Coordinator                                                              District 6 Coordinator

Tim Berkey                                                                                                      Sue Kiser

(971) 240-3593                                                                                     (541) 884-6307


District 3 Coordinator                                                               District 7 Coordinator

Sue Unger                                                                                             Christy Herman

(503) 863-6243                                                                                    (541) 567-0106


District 4 Coordinator

Bryan Roberts

(541) 756-1900



Oregon State SMART Scholarship Program

Each year, the OSUSBC Association awards two scholarships of $1,500 each. 

The Mabel Marrs Star of the Future scholarship is awarded to a Youth member girl in the state.

The Ray Wise Memorial scholarship is awarded to a Youth member boy in the state.

Applicants must be in the 9th grade or above, be above average scholastically, and show good bowling potential.

 Click below to see past scholarship winners


Interested in applying for one of the 2016 awards ?

Click below for an application
                            National  USBC Youth Program

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